The 4 Point Pledge. Restore Transparency.

We are launching to bring transparency back to NYC real estate.  We are Frele: NYC's free and honest rental marketplace! 

1. Transparency Above All Else.  
Our mission is to bring more transparency to the real estate marketplace.  If revenue or profits have to suffer, so be it. 

2. Always Free To List.
It will always be free to list an apartment on our website.  A real estate marketplace should be open to all, not just those who pay.

3. Direct & Free Contact With Lister. 
You will always be able to interact directly and easily with the lister.  For free of course.  No gimmicks.  

4. Will Never Sell To StreetEasy or Zillow. 
We will never sell our company to StreetEasy or Zillow.  Not even for a billion dollars.  Our hearts are breaking for what StreetEasy's parent company Zillow is doing to NYC real estate.  Learn more on our founder's blog


When you share this pledge, you are supporting the movement for a marketplace that flows "freely" in NYC Real Estate.  Thank you!