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We are free.Free = More Leases
There is no catch. The competition is NOT free. In fact, it costs a lot of money to list your apartment for lease with the competition. This is why everyone is posting their apartment leases with us now, especially their long term rentals. Real estate should not be a "pay to play" industry. Let's get EVERYONE involved. The ability to find an affordable apartment matters.
We are transparent.Transparency = More Trust
Transparency above all else. Yes, even profits. For example, consumers and agents should have direct and free (free = affordable) access to the person who is listing the apartment for lease, and all exact addresses should be publicly displayed for all apartments for lease.   
We have everything.Everything = More Choice
We are a one-stop shop. We have everything: long term rentals, short term rentals, leasebreaks, sublets, subleases, lease assignments, shares, no fee apartment leases, unfurnished rentals, furnished rentals, and very affordable apartment leases

Our Pledge to You

We are different. And we intend to make a difference. Honesty and transparency in NYC real estate needs to be restored. The competition has revealed their true colors. In contrast, we promise to honor the integrity of the real estate marketplace first, and do our best to keep apartment leases affordable. Everything else - including profits - comes second. We put down our promises to you in this 4 POINT PLEDGE

Your Pledge To Each Other

This is a community, so we need your help, too. If you see something on Frele that is not okay, we want to know about it. We don't want any bait-and-switches, spamming, inaccurate listings, sneaky fees, apartment leases that seem impossibly too affordable, sending money before seeing the apartment for lease, nor "ghosting". Let’s be good neighbors by working together. If you ever want to contact us, just click on the purple FEEDBACK button on any page.
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