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Frele is a comprehensive NYC real estate marketplace listing 12 month rentals, short term rentals, leasebreaks, sublets, and shares, all posted by agents, tenants and landlords.

Use frēlē to:

  • Find any kind of apartment rental. For free. We have it all.
  • Receive inquiries on your listings. For free.
  • Get answers to basic questions about renting in NYC at Frele.com/Learn


Leasebreak is the #1 place in NYC to find or market short term rentals or leasebreaks all posted by agents, tenants, and landlords. Leasebreak also has shares, sublets and 12 month rentals.

Use Leasebreak to:

  • Find short term rentals, leasebreaks, sublets and shares. For free.
  • Receive inquiries on your listings. For free.
  • FOR AGENTS ONLY. Join our innovative Special Lead Program. Work with tenants and renters who have asked to work with you. Sign up for a free lead below.


Testimonials from Leasebreak's Special Lead Program

I got my first exclusive through the Lead Program. What I like best about the program is that it connects you with a client who can really use your help. When I found my client a new tenant to take over his lease, he could not have been happier.

Matthew Allabastro,
Citi Habitats

I have listed and successfully rented multiple apartments on this platform saving my clients hours of stressful heartache and thousands of dollars which in turn has led to new strong relationships and more business referrals.

Deborah V. Hughes,
Douglas Elliman

Leasebreak's Lead Program is an essential piece of my rental business; it’s the easiest way to secure exclusive listings.

Adam Berke,
Nest Seekers International

I'm a big fan of the leasebreak [Renter] leads program. It allows you to connect with a renter instantly, and I have closed 2 deals through it with 2 more closing soon. It's so easy to use.

Lana Shapiro,